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Carbonated Solutions carpet cleaners in Henderson, Nevada. Carbonated Solutions green carpet cleaning is a safe, non-toxic, hypo allergenic, all natural carpet cleaning solution. If you are looking for a safer and cleaner alternative to cleaning carpets in Henderson NV, Carbonated Solutions is the answer.  Our green carpet cleaning process uses only a fraction of the moisture required by other carpet cleaning methods. Carbonated Solutions is a remarkable self-carbonating carpet cleaning product that produces million’s of effervescing cleaning bubble’s. These cleaning bubble’s quickly penetrate the carpet fiber, lift’s out dirt, grease, soil’s and stain’s. This lifting action allows these soil’s to be removed from the carpeting. Because of the million’s of tiny effervescing bubble’s that make our carpet cleaning solution so effective, we have eliminated the need for massive amounts of water in our cleaning process. By using a minimum amount of carpet cleaning solution, we help save Henderson and Southern Nevada’s water resources. There are NO additives in our patented carpet cleaning solutions. There are NO soaps, detergent’s or solvents. This make’s Carbonated Solutions” NoSoap Series™ carpet cleaner one of the safest carpet cleaning product’s available.

Our clear carbonated carpet and upholstery cleaner uses no thick soap’s or detergent’s to get in the way or impede the carpet cleaning process. Our carbonated cleaner penetrates the carpet fiber quickly, reaching the dirt and soil’s that other cleaning product’s simply mask with brightener’s.  By cleaning your carpet’s with the NoSoap Series™ carbonated cleaner, your carpet’s will stay cleaner longer (we leave no soil attracting residues), won’t promote matting and rapid re-soiling in your traffic area’s and won’t leave your carpet’s stiff and crunchy. Our carpet cleaning process will preserve the overall appearance of your carpet. Because of the unique effervescing cleaning action of the carbonated cleaning and the fact that there are no soap’s or oily residues, carpet’s cleaned with the NoSoap Series™ carpet cleaning dries in 1-2 hours.

In addition to the best Carpet Cleaning in Henderson, Carbonated Solutions offers professional Tile and Grout Cleaning, Natural Stone Cleaning, Upholstery CleaningArea Rug Cleaning, and Water Damage Restoration.